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Lovecoin Review - Is it the Best Cryptocurrency of 2021?

Oct 7

Cryptocurrency has brought financial progress and technological advancement over the past decade. Pioneer cryptocurrencies were discriminatory because not everyone could afford them or have the ability to buy without understanding the technology used. Upfront payment from users before they could use the cryptocurrency and blockchain projects was required.

Lovecoin was introduced to leverage this weakness. Love-coin is a cryptocurrency whose goal is to encourage mainstream cryptocurrency adoption and support philanthropy.

Love-coin is the future of cryptocurrency and unique because;

Reward program to users

Earlier cryptocurrency and blockchain projects require users to pay upfront. They are not centralized entities, and advertising is a big problem. Lovecoin introduced an affiliate marketing program, similar to the marketing model successfully used by Amazon. Referral marketing to friends, family, and followers, and if new users free claim lovecoins, one gets a reward of 20,000 lovecoins. This strategy will bring more users into the lovecoin platform.

Raise money for charitable activities

The overall goal of lovecoin is philanthropy, where 10% of newly released lovecoins goes to charitable activities voted by users. The funds support to provide jobs, education, local charities, and food provision to those facing starvation around the world.

Coin mining accessibility and usage

Lovecoins use proof of user activity, a cryptocurrency mining method, usable to anyone using a computer anywhere in the world. Mining of lovecoins does not require expensive mining equipment. The program is simple that all one needs is to download the lovecoin mining software, watch demo videos and search the web for lovecoin mining information. Lovecoin mining process has benefits to users because 40% of the total coin supply is shared.

Decide to join lovecoin today and make money while at the same time supporting charitable causes and, spread the adoption of cryptocurrency.