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Affected By Your Trauma & How To Heal

Oct 31

What exactly is trauma? It's possible that it's more difficult than you realize. You might be ready to take the next step if you discover how healing from trauma can help you overcome your fear and anxiety.

What exactly is going on?

Trauma affects all humans at some point during their lives, according to neuroscience. It does not have to be a huge traumatic incident, such as a significant loss, an injury, or exposure to a terrifying occurrence.

Everyone experiences uncomfortable sensations on a daily basis, which is maybe best defined as Micro Trauma.

The dissonance of the news, stories of frightening events throughout the world, and our own personal lives and loved ones need feeling emotions that span the entire spectrum of a person's senses.

We know that trauma affects our brains on several levels, from a minor "shock to the system" to massive shock waves that rip through our bodies and minds.

The neurons that fire together in response to trauma (shock) really connect with each other. When you experience a frightening or shocking emotion, the bundles of neurons that have been linked together fire together!

As a result, neurotransmitters flow, telling our bodies to respond with a variety of emotional and cognitive functions, which can occasionally protect us through protective states of consciousness like denial.

Other times, we are overcome with worry and panic to the point that the fight or flight response is activated. The release of potent neurotransmitters and hormones that govern your body and mind is stimulated by this technique.

You are essentially re-traumatizing your body if you simply talk about your feelings and ideas! This wears on your defenses over time, causing you to become exhausted, nervous, fatigued, and depressed. In order to break the cycle of trauma recurrence, our bodies, particularly our neuro-cognitive systems, must be re-calibrated.

How do you go about doing that?

Our neurons have the power to unbundle trauma-based coding when creative expression of our emotions is encouraged at the same time as intellectual / analytic comprehension.

Our bodies may also re-route nerve endings around the affected area and form new connections, re-establishing a non-traumatic internal communication system between our hearts, thoughts, and bodies.

Healing is the term used to describe this process.

Most practitioners (therapists) are untrained in the subtle understandings of our nerve ganglia, which operate as frequency modulators and are placed along our spine. This is known as our Chakra System, which consists of seven energy centers (modulators) each connected with an unique spectrum of color and perceptual emotion.

Using the artist's tools to communicate the human being's rainbow of emotions and thoughts in a safe manner. You may achieve this with the aid of a caring psychotherapist who will walk beside you on your healing path.

This helps us to re-harmonize our subtle frequencies and return to a state of balance and health.

I can travel with you anywhere you need to go, no matter how deep or far you need to go.

As we all contribute to repairing our heart at a is my honor and goal to provide greater healing and serenity to you as an individual.

Ed Regensburg, LCAT, has been a practicing psychotherapist for almost 40 years. Ed seeks to dive deeper than traditional therapy through his books, expressive art pieces, his private practice - Creative Sanctuary - as well as seminars and speaking engagements, so that you may begin to resolve conflict and answer your larger concerns about life and existential purpose.