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May 7

Oxford Dictionary declared Vape as the word of the year. This came after vaping started to gain popularity in the mainstream and that popularity has continued to grow into the huge industry it is today. Newcomers to the vaping culture may feel a little overwhelmed at first. There are a lot of new terms and techniques to learn and there can be a bit of a learning curve when starting out. If you find yourself feeling this way, fear not, this guide is intended to educate you on the terms and components that encompass the vaping world so you can easily make the transition from Vape Newbie to Cloud Chaser. All vaporizers incorporate 3 main components, your E-Juice (the liquid that you vape), the tank (where you put your e-juice), and the mod/battery (the power supply).


Counterfeit disposable nicotine vapes exist. It’s an unfortunate and sad reality. The good news is that purchasing from a reputable retailer, whether an online or a physical shop, is the absolute best defense against inadvertently buying a bootleg vape like a counterfeit Elf Bar or a fake Flume. Besides buying from a reputable retailer, which may not always be so cut and dried, there are a few ways to check the authenticity of your vape, if you have your doubts. Even if you aren’t concerned about your device, it’s a good idea to randomly verify your disposable vape purchases. please visit to this link and know more about Vape Buyers Guide.


Atomizer/Coil: The Atomizer, often referred to as a coil, is the part that actually causes the vaporization. Inside each atomizer is a coil wrapped around a piece of cotton. As you draw, the e-liquid is pulled from the tank chamber to the cotton and heated coil inside the atomizer to cause vaporization. Coils are disposable and will need to be replaced every couple of weeks. Coils are calibrated in terms of OHMS. OHMS is a measurement of resistance and I could give you a big long technical explanation, but the easier way to explain it is the lower the OHM, the more power (wattage) needed to heat the coil, which ultimately results in larger vapor production.


Drip Tip: The drip tip is part of the vape you actually put your lips on. They are usually made out of heat-resistant plastic or metal, though some 3rd party companies also offer wood. They are usually removable and interchangeable should you want to customize the look of your vape. Some people prefer drip tips with large openings to achieve larger draws. Others prefer a smaller hole for a more smooth and controlled hit.


Tank Chamber_ This is the section of the vape where the e-liquid is loaded. These tanks are generally made out of glass, stainless steel, or titanium. Some tanks are filled from the top, while others are filled from the bottom. Generally, top-fill tanks are much easier to fill because you do not need to remove the tank from your mod or battery to refill it, making it much more convenient. Most tanks also have an airflow control ring near the base of the tank. This allows you to manually adjust the airflow resistance of the vape to your own preference.


Temperature-Controlled Mods: A lot of newer mods come with the addition of Temperature Control (TC). Mods that are temperature controlled allow you to set a specific temperature range to vape at rather than wattage and only allow the unit to ever reach that set temperature. It works by monitoring the resistance of your coil while you are vaping. As coils heat up the resistance of the coil will begin to fluctuate, which on a regular wattage-controlled vape will lead to vaping at higher temperatures as your session continues. Temperature-controlled units detect the change in resistance and adjust the voltage of the unit accordingly to keep it at the same temperature the entire session. This will also protect against dry hits when you do not prime your coils properly or let the juice get too low. The vape will sense the coil is heating too high too quickly and will just cease heating, rather than delivering a dry hit.


Coil Priming: Coils also need to be primed before first-time use. This is something a lot of new users overlook when filling their vape for the first time. If your coil is not properly primed before use it will struggle to flow juice from the tank to the coil resulting in a “dry hit”. A dry hit is when only the cotton wick is burned without e-juice soaked in it. It can happen when you let your juice get too low before refilling or from not priming your coil before use. You will know you had a dry hit from the harsh burned vape taste you will experience. To avoid this, before you use your coil for the first time take your e-juice and drip it onto the airflow openings of the coil and also onto the cotton in the middle of the coil. 


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