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An Affair of The Heart: Premier Couples Counseling Retreat

Dec 4

Are you considering going for Couples Retreat Near Me? Do you have the center you’re planning to visit? If you’re in Northampton, MA, An Affair Of The Heart should be your destination. The center has all the amenities and services you may need during your retreat. Their offices are always open to receive all calls and schedule appointments accordingly. They have expert therapists who will help you restore your relationship if you and your partner are struggling. The team focuses on the specific areas of weakness and uses proven methods to get the most out of your relationship. The company has a staff that cares about their clients and exemptional customer service is what you should expect when you enlist their services. If you call them today, you’ll learn more about how they can help you.

Our coaches and therapists are experienced

Regardless of the retreat that you choose, it is extremely important that you work with a therapist or coach who has been specializing in Relationship Retreat work for a very long time. The likelihood of having a positive and transformative experience facilitated by an experienced coach with many skills is significantly higher.

Ross Hackerson is a seasoned Marriage therapist

Ross Hackerson has been working with individuals and couples for over 40 years. It's safe to say that there is nothing he hasn't seen or heard firsthand while in session. His high level of knowledge and accumulated skills provide tremendous value by allowing him to draw from extensive experience and provide sound guidance no matter what is currently happening in your relationship.

Our intensive processes rely on trauma resolution

Our Intensive Marriage Retreats also extensively rely on trauma resolution protocols drawn from EMDR and ImTT to assist you during break-out sessions to deeply process stuck trauma from your negative past experiences, the trauma that affects your ability to stay present and connected to your partner. 

We work hard for your relationship

Our ability to love and trust our partner has to do with what we bring into the relationship from our past, making the individual processing sessions an extremely important component of the thorough and lasting positive changes that couples experience from our Couples Counseling Retreat.

We have a thorough workshop methods

Our Relationship Retreats draw heavily on the Emotionally Focused Therapy informed Hold Me Tight workshop developed by Sue Johnson, originator of EFT. Ross taught those workshops for several years. Our individual intensives draw heavily on EMDR.

An Affair Of The Heart
43 Center St G, Northampton, MA 01060
(413) 210-3739