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An Affair of the Heart Couples retreat: The Four Step Healing Process

Jul 27

Couples in relationships that experience infidelity and other related injuries often find it hard to progress further. Many contemplate divorce. However, several reputable relationship retreat companies focus on reenergizing such relationships and bringing them back on course. An Affair of the heart is a respected company whose methods of healing relationships have been proven effective. The science-backed strategies and programs follow a four-step series to guarantee positive results at the completion of Couples Therapy Retreats with their specialists.

Bond Strengthening

The couples must work on their bond when it comes to healing in a relationship. Our Therapy Retreats work to restore broken bonds fast. Bonds are responsible for other related benefits such as intimacy and trust. Bonds are often broken due to infidelity, abuse, or other related incidents. To restore the bond, our specialists engage couples to open up about how they were hurt, how they felt, and what they need from each other to move past the issue. This is often a challenging task as it requires total openness as well as vulnerability.

Healing Your Relationship

Another vital aspect we focus on is healing your relationship. Healing a relationship is not a walk in the park. We have well-trained Relationship Retreat specialists capable of digging deep to find out the root cause of troubles in a relationship. Then, they work out therapy sessions to address the problem and issue solutions focused on resolving the problems. We believe that every relationship can heal if the couple is ready to leave their troubled past behind.

Empower Connection

Once we have initiated the restoration of a bond in a relationship, we move forward to strengthen and empower the connection. We devise methods that promote the empowering of a connection to keep it alive during your healing process. Unfortunately, most couples fall into a troubled relationship because therapists fail to look into the ideal strategies to maintain a connection.

Move Forward Together

At the final stages of Intensive Marriage Counseling Retreats, our coaches devise ways of keeping your relationship fire burning. We suggest active activities to do together, promote openness and trust among partners, and encourage forgiveness with pure intentions. This is a sure way to keep couples happy and engaged during their relationship and healing journey.

No Relationship is too Damaged to Heal

An Affair of the Heart Intensive Marriage Retreats has vastly experienced and knowledgeable professionals ready to tackle any damaged relationship and bring healing within five days.

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