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All In Solutions Boynton Beach Rehab Offers Faith Based Recovery

Jun 13

All In Solutions Counseling Center - Boynton Beach Christian Rehab

Women and men alike are beginning to suffer the negative consequences which often come with dependence on alcohol or drugs The process of seeking help usually starts with a program for treatment. For some people, choosing a Christian rehabilitation or Faith-Based recovery program is a first step to get their lives back in order. All In Solutions' Christian rehabilitation in Boynton Beach offers a unique combination of spiritually-based counseling and clinically focused therapy. The search for Christian rehab near me stops here.

Under the guidance of Pastor Daniel Cornide, the Florida faith-based drug and alcohol recovery program embraces a comprehensive treatment approach based on the bio/psycho/social/spiritual model of addiction treatment. Research has proved that the efficacy of faith-based treatment is in part because of the vital significance of the spiritual aspect in the process of recovery. All In Solutions provides the Christian method of rehabilitation that demonstrates the transformational impact of Biblical truth in a warm modern environment. Learn more here.

The pastor Daniel Cornide is a licensed counselor and therapist with more than 10 years of experience in the field of ministry as well as addiction therapy. Cornide is a founder member and pastor at The Recover Church Delray where services are that are specifically tailored for Christians recovering. Dan is the pastor. Dan is a long-time Florida native who was raised in the Miami region, and struggled with substance use disorder in his own life and is now a volunteer in the local community, helping people recover and establish the connection with God.

What is Faith-Based Addiction Treatment?

Christians are often affected by addiction to drugs due to the fear of being judged by their peers and fear that their illness will affect their testimony to Christ. However, treatment based on faith can help the people who suffer from these disorders. The treatment is typically coupled with daily religious practices including prayers, which can have an enormous impact on the emotional state of a person.

A faith-based addiction treatment program might offer many of similar programs that traditional rehabs offer however, it has a spiritual aspect. Its goal is to help an recovering addict re-build their relationship with God by his Word. The program is focused on the biblical basis to help people recover and regain the control over their lives. It assists people in overcoming feelings of guilt and shame and achieve peace and stability within their lives.

Faith-based rehabs can help patients gain an improved self-esteem and a new sense of confidence. A lot of faith-based rehabs have religious leaders and close-knit communities. They encourage healing and spirituality as they address the physical and mental requirements of addicts. Rehabs based on faith are well-known across the nation and offer numerous benefits to patients. For instance, patients are able to take part in private session with spiritual leaders or medical professionals. Faith-based rehabs also provide the support of a peer.

More About All In Solutions Boynton Beach Drug Rehab

Clients at All In Solutions' comprehensive drug and alcohol rehab programs in Boynton Beach have the freedom to create a recovery plan that meets their specific requirements. The physicians, medical personnel, and support staff members create a warm, family-like atmosphere that encourages clients to look inside and make long-term changes. Clients can get the treatment they need to recover from addiction and enhance their mental health at this center in Boynton Beach, Florida.

All In Solutions Counseling Center

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