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New Jersey Resources for Christian Addiction Recovery

May 15

Christian Addiction Recovery Resources Available in New Jersey

Individuals of the Christian faith who are in recovery from addiction have a number of resources available to assist them in their sobriety. In New Jersey, there are quite a few Churches, organizations, and even substance abuse treatment centers that specifically cater to those interested in quitting drug and alcohol abuse through strengthening their faith in God.

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Christian Alcohol and Drug Rehab Program

Christian rehab programs provide the best christian addiction recovery. Christian rehab programs are designed to help individuals with their problems and they also have been proven to be successful in helping people overcome addictions and other behavioral issues. The most successful faith based addiction treatment programs utilize a combination of traditional therapeutic treatment modalities and Christian counseling.

One of the premier New Jersey Christian rehabs is at All In Solutions Counseling Center Cherry Hill. The substance abuse recovery program focuses on healing from addiction by better understanding the word of God and strengthening one's relationship to their faith. As an accredited addiction treatment provider, they offer professional counseling adminstered by Master's Level therapists who specialize in mental health conditions that co-occur with substance use disorders. This combination of faith-based guidance, mental health counseling (including CBT - cognitive behavioral therapy), and 12 step guided recovery offer a comprehensive solution to alcohol addiction and substance abuse.

All In Solutions New Jersey Faith-Based program is offered as both outpatient and inpatient treatment programs. The Christian drug rehab is suggested for those who have already completed a medical detox. During the detoxification process, especially for drugs like heroin and alcohol, effective treatment is difficult to administer because of the physical discomfort. The recovering addict is more receptive to a relationship with a higher power after completing detox.

One recovering Christian had this to say about their experience at All In Solutions Cherry Hill

"All In Solutions SAVED MY LIFE! I came here for treatment struggling with drug addiction and mental health issues (depression, PTSD & Anxiety) I was treated with respect, dignity and compassion from all staff. Never have a been to a facility before where all the staff genuinely cares about you, however the professionalism is above and beyond. I was provided with all the help I needed to continue my recovery when leaving and returning to the real world. I’ve had my medical needs and my psychiatric needs met even with medicines and including maintenance vitvirol shot for me, in which All In Solutions made sure I got and meds when needed. I finally found my WE with the help from staff at All In Solutions I’m returning home a new and better version of the person God created me to be….Thanks to all the staff especially housing staff I am going to miss you and forever you will be apart of my recovery." 

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Free Christian and Faith-Based Resources

In christian addiction recovery, you will find many christian and faith-based resources that can help you overcome the various addictions. You will also find free christian books, christian movies and free christian music for listening to on a daily basis. Just by reading through this link on Christian addictions recovery in New Jersey, you will discover many different types of christian resources and programs. You can also learn what treatment options are available with lots of professional reviews and comparison charts that compare specialized christian addiction therapy programs to other comparable treatments including drug rehabilitation centers.

This website is designed for parents who want to know the truth about their children's substance abuse problem so they don't have to deal with rebelling against the parent's advice and authority when they want to follow their heart on getting drugs. Many parents end up making a bad situation even worse by forcing changes that lead their child back into drug abuse and addiction, or other dilemmas such as suicide or deceitfulness.

Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery is an organization similar to Alcoholics Anonymous and other support groups, but with the primary focus of achieving sobriety through Christian faith. Celebrate Recovery services can be found all throughout New Jersey including, Wyckoff, Rahway, Mount Laurel, Blackwood, and Williamstown. Check out a Celebrate Recovery meeting in NJ today to learn more about how this Christian organization can be the first step toward meeting one's spiritual needs through a relationship with Christ.

Recovery Church in NJ

Recovery Church is a traditional church congregation with a variety of services that specifically discuss how spirituality and a relationship with Christ can help addicts in their recovery process. By offering fellowship and a study of the scripture, this recovery program helps recovering addicts all throughout America.

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Any Christian Tips on Quitting Drug Addiction?

There are a variety of Christian tips on quitting drug addiction, and depending on the individual, they may be considering different options. Some people might turn to prayer or Bible study as methods of guidance, while others might choose to speak with a counselor. Ultimately, it is important for anyone struggling with drug addiction to seek professional help in order to get through this difficult time.

One thing that many Christians believe is that temptation comes from the devil, and so fighting against temptation will ultimately lead to success in overcoming the addiction. Another approach is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which helps individuals identify and challenge their negative thoughts about drugs and alcohol. CBT has been shown to be successful in treating substance abuse problems overall.

Ultimately, it takes hard work combined with faith for any person battling an addiction - but knowing that there are resources available can give someone hope during these tough times.

How Recovery from Alcoholism Taught Me to be a Better Christian

Recovery from alcoholism taught me to be a better Christian. I had to learn how to trust God and forgive myself if I ever wanted to have a chance at getting sober again. As much as it was hard, it was also extremely rewarding in the end because my relationship with God has improved dramatically. Not only did He help me get sober the first time, but He continued to support me through all of my struggles during recovery - including the tough times when I wasn’t sure if I would make it. Sometimes we need comfort more than anything else, and that is what Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is really about – sharing our experiences with other alcoholics in order to obtain comfort and understanding.