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Considering Couples Therapy Retreats: Here’s What You Need To Know

Feb 24

Most couples do not understand what couples therapy retreats are and how they help heal marriages. This post will discuss essential things about Couples Therapy Retreats.

Types of Couples Therapy

Gottman Method is one of the types of marriage therapy that facilitates communication between you and your partner. You work with a counselor to develop a perfect picture of your relationship and then work in cycles to navigate conflicts that cause disconnection and resentment. 

Narrative Therapy focuses on externalization. It helps couples address marital problems free from the narratives they have created around them. Imago Therapy heals relationships by reflecting on childhood expectations that lead to problematic triggers. It is the best solution if your marriage revolves around arguing about the same issues. 

Relational Life Therapy deconstructs society’s assumptions about what a marriage partner should be. It helps you to achieve the harmony required to spend a lifetime together.

The Best Time to Attend Marriage Therapy Retreats

Couples sign up for Marriage Retreats for different reasons. You can attend relationship therapy when you are engaged or when you start losing the spark in your marriage. In most instances, you can attend a retreat when your marriage is on the brink of divorce and hoping to save it. It is also common for partners with good marriages to attend a Marriage Retreat to make the good better.

However, at An Affair Of The Heart, we believe that the best time to attend a Marriage Therapy Retreat is when you and your spouse feel it is the best option to improve your relationship.

The Difference between Couples Therapy Retreats and Couples Counseling Workshops

Couples’ workshops can take months or years, while couples therapy retreats can happen over a weekend or a week at most. A marriage retreat gives you intense counseling combined with lessons on reviving lost intimacy, enhancing communication skills, and reconnecting with your partner at a beautiful location in three to five days.

 Unlike traditional couples workshops that work with several couples at a time, couples retreats provide private sessions for every couple. This way, a couple gets personalized attention and spends more time with the therapist. All the solutions are tailored to meet the couples’ relationship goals. Undivided attention and individualized solutions help couples to achieve faster and long-lasting results from the retreat. 

For the best Couples Therapy Retreats in Northampton, MA looks no further than An Affair Of The Heart. We’ll be honored to use our experience to heal your marriage. 


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