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Muay Thai Or Boxing: Which Is Better?

Jan 3


Different martial arts that are based on striking have fought to determine which is the best. While Muay Thai fighters have proven to be the most effective in situations that allow people from various combat styles to test their skill against each other, such as mixed martial arts, it wouldn't be completely accurate to call it as the best martial art.


Truth is, there is no martial art is better than the other. All it boils down to personal skill levels and the way you feel most comfortable.


Deciding if Muay Thai Or Boxing Is Best For You

Muay Thai strikes as one of the most versatile striking art forms in the world. It is possible to use elbows, knees, elbows, and shins to attack and defend. The art of striking also requires more grappling than other forms of martial arts such as boxing, Karate and Kung Fu. While clinch work is commonplace in these arts it's still an essential element of Muay Thai.


Boxing is one of the most loved striking arts. It is beloved by a large number of people and has been the subject of some of the biggest boxing contests ever. It's a fun sport to watch because of the level of expertise professional boxers demonstrate.


Exploring The Differences Between Muay Thai and Boxing


After we've discussed some of the commonalities between these two styles Let's look at the main distinctions between these two combat styles:


1) Muay Thai is The More versatile Art


Muay Thai fighters have greater arsenal of weapons than boxers. Boxers only use their fists as weapons, however, Muay Thai fighters make use of their elbows, fists knees, and shins. There are many techniques you can master in training Muay Thai.


Muay Thai also has clinch work, which is not permitted when boxing. Referees usually run to separate each fighter when they are caught in an actual boxing match. Muay Thai stands out from other striking arts by its clinch work.


Fighters are able to land powerful kicks and attack using the Muay Thai plum. If you're interested in self-defense, it's possible to end up with your opponent in a clinch. Thus, learning to defend yourself in the clinch is an essential technique.


2) Boxing Stances Create Better Angles


You should also consider the different stances you can take when selecting between Muay Thai or boxing. Boxers keep their feet about shoulder width apart, which allows them to make more angles that place them in advantageous positions to avoid and land precise punches. Muay Thai fighters take more of a higher stance and hold their feet closer together. It makes it easier to throw strikes and control kicks with their rear legs.


Both stances have benefits and disadvantages, but boxers are typically more fluid in their movements. Their stance allows them to slide, bob and weave much easier than you could with the Muay Thai stance.


3) Muay Thai Takes Longer To Master


Boxers focus on using their hands as weapons, which means it is easier to master the fundamentals. Muay Thai fighters must learn how to use their elbows, fists, knees and knees to master strategies. This takes longer.


Muay Thai fighters having an array of tools makes it arguably the better self-defense method, but the reality is a bit more complicated. Self-defense situations don't involve spinning kicks or throwing tricks. It's usually two people kicking wild punches at each other until one of them falls or grabs hold of the other.


Peak Kickboxing / Jiu Jitsu Denver boxing classes that help prepare you for fights. Muay Thai fighters are more adept at stopping punches from boxers than those involved in Muay Thai. They are generally more agile and are able to throw punches with more force.

It's All About What Suits You Best


Muay Thai fighters will tell you that it's the best type of combat, and boxers will tell you the same that they are skilled in their art. There is no doubt that anyone who is proficient at boxing or Muay Thai can be competent to defend themselves. Both are exciting fighting styles that keep you in the best shape of your life.

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