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Modern Witch Tarot Review

Dec 14

The Modern Witch Tarot is a new tarot deck featuring 78 contemporary illustrations. It challenges traditional gender paradigms by including images of transgender people and females of all sex. While the deck uses up-to-date styles and fashions, the images still have the traditional Rider-Waite imagery. It is a great choice for anyone interested in redefining the tarot.

The Modern Witch Tarot is a modernized version of the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot. The artwork is cartoon-style, which gives the deck a 21st century alternative spirituality. In addition, the Death card is adorned with a white anemone, representing the demise of a soul. The deck also features several variations of the Queen of Cups and the Wands.

One of the most notable differences between the RWS and Modern Witch Tarot decks is the use of a wider primary color palette. In contrast, the RWS decks focus on the human body and features an occasional deliberate pop of purple. The Modern Witch Tarot figures are unique and self-possessed entities that thrive outside of the gaze of the reader. This helps the Modern-Witch Tarot appeal to a more modern audience.

The Modern Witch Tarot is also period-specific. It spans the years 2010-2019. The white anemone on Death's flag is a nod to the 21st century alternative spirituality. It includes symbols that are relevant to contemporary society and have been adapted to suit modern times. These cards are particularly useful for readings about personal growth and transformation. If you're looking for a modern interpretation of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, you'll probably be pleased to know that it includes all of the essentials of the classic deck.

In addition to the deck, the Modern Witch Tarot Journal features a companion book with images of the cards and an ambigram. The journal includes space for writing notes and practicing your Tarot skills. The guidebook contains illustrations by Lisa Sterle and is easy to carry in a shoulder bag. It can be used anywhere, anytime, anywhere. However, it isn't suitable for every single situation. You can use the modern witch tarot for divination purposes in many different ways.

The Modern Witch Tarot is a new take on traditional Tarot symbolism. It uses a unique combination of world symbols and traditional tarot images. The illustrations of the Modern Witch are designed to look like comics and fashion magazine illustrations. They feature women of all ethnicities, races, and backgrounds. The Modern Lady is a great tarot deck for active women who want to explore her creative side. Its vibrant colors are perfect for a contemporary lifestyle.

The Modern Witch Tarot deck includes stunning imagery. The illustrations look like comics or fashion magazines, and they are made in a bright, simple style. The cards depict a diverse range of women, from all races and nationalities to working women, and they all share their unique stories. They are not merely "feminine"; instead, they have distinct personalities. They are based on the themes of each individual card.

The Modern Witch Tarot is a new take on traditional tarot symbolism. Its images are bright, colorful, and witty, and are inspired by the tarot's contemporary witches. The Modern Witch deck reflects the zeitgeist and is a great choice for people who seek to explore their own power. And if you're a woman, the deck will help you get to know yourself better.

The Modern Witch Tarot is a fresh take on a classic tarot deck. Its colorful, modern images of women are unique and empowering. Its jigsaw puzzle is a mix of vintage and contemporary art. Each piece forms a circular mandala 27 inches in diameter, and the artwork is a great way to express your own creativity and spirituality. The tarot is an ideal tool to explore our own inner power and how we affect the world around us.

The Modern Witch Tarot is a stylish tarot deck. It comes in a slide-open box and includes 56 cards. Each card is accompanied by a guidebook that details each card's symbolism and meaning. In addition to the 78-card deck, the Modern Witch tarot set is an excellent choice for those who want to explore the ancient art of tarot. This tarot deck is a great tool for spiritual seekers, and is an excellent addition to your collection.