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Faith Based Addiction Treatment In Florida - All In Solutions Counseling Center

Dec 2

Faith Based Addiction Treatment In Florida - All In Solutions Counseling Center

Faith-based rehabs offer an organized and spiritual atmosphere for people who want to combine their religious ambitions with their recovery objectives. This article will cover what Christian and faith-based rehabs are, the many types of Christian and faith-based rehab programs that are available, the prices of Christian and faith-based treatment, and more.
The basic religion of faith-based rehabs is usually Christianity. The major purpose of faith-based rehab is to encourage people to modify their substance-abusing habits by reinforcing the link between lifestyle choices and Christian moral and behavioral teachings. Faith-based treatment is frequently delivered by clergy who act as both instructors and role models for persons who are struggling with substance misuse.


Benefits of Christian Rehab Programs

  • Sober living arrangements that are centered on Christ. For individuals needing post-rehab care, several addiction treatment professionals advocate sober living centers. These group homes provide a secure setting with a built-in support system where you can heal. Christian-based treatment clinics also provide sober living accommodations for people who share a similar commitment to live a Christ-centered life.
  • Support based on faith. While many rehab clinics provide treatment for drug misuse and behavioral health concerns, Christian-based addiction recovery programs are meant to help you grow spiritually and strengthen your relationship with Christ as well.
  • Effortless care. Christ-centered institutions can assist persons seeking therapy for drug or alcohol addiction lower their chance of relapse by making the transition from rehab to the real world easier. Your recovery techniques will be consistent with those you acquired during residential treatment when you get Christian-based outpatient therapy.
  • Mentorship from developed Christians. Bridging the gap between addiction and recovery is a crucial stage in your life. You will learn how to obtain better control over your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors throughout this period. When you choose Christian-based treatment, you'll have access to mentors who share your values and can act as important role models and coaches during your recovery to help you achieve your goals.
  • Christ's love has the ability to heal. The personnel at Christian-based recovery centers can assist remind you of the healing power of Christ's unconditional dedication, support, and love at every step of the road.


Pastor Dan Cornide on the Power of Faith-Based Recovery

Pastor Dan Cornide is a licensed clinical therapist and a trained Christian preacher with over 10 years of experience combining the disciplines. He is active in the religious community and is a foundational member of The Recovery Church Movement. He also leads the faith-based recovery program at All In Solutions.

All In Solutions Florida Faith-Based Addiction Treatment Program

All In Solutions offers the opportunity for clients to participate in a Faith-Based IOP program. They believe in a comprehensive treatment approach based on the bio/psycho/social/spiritual model of addiction treatment. Evidence-based research has shown that spirituality plays an important role in the success of long-term sobriety and is a critical component in achieving lasting transformational change. With this in mind, they offer a Christian approach to addiction treatment based on the Biblical narrative’s spiritual principles.

The Christian-based intensive outpatient program curriculum at All In Solutions includes a variety of evidence-based individual and group therapy themes that are meant to help clients reconnect with their chosen faith and experience spiritual transformation. Clients participate in a variety of sessions aimed at improving or recovering social skills, independent living skills, and effective life management skills in order to promote their psychological, physical, social, and spiritual well-being.

All In Solutions Counseling Center is located in Boynton Beach, Florida.

4875 Park Ridge Blvd #103, Boynton Beach, FL 33426

(561) 413-5755